"SMART" School with Model Classrooms

At LSD, we are very fortunate to have SMARTBoard© interactive whiteboard technology throughout our campus. SMARTBoards are in every academic classroom as well as in dormitory classroom/workshop areas, meeting rooms and computer labs.

We are grateful to our special benefactor, Commercial Property Development Corporation (CPDC). Through the Baton Rouge Area Foundation grant program, CPDC provided much of the original funding for our SMARTBoards.

Years ago, grant funding made it possible for us to equip each classroom with a "Teacher's PET." PET is the nickname we use for our PresEntaTion stations. The PET consists of a networked laptop computer, document camera and SmartBoard (which includes a multimedia projector). A port replicator (docking station) makes it very easy and convenient for teachers to dock and undock the laptop for easy transport to/from home or other location.

iPads, Nooks, NEOs, Assistive Technology and Specialized Devices

Motivation is a key component of engagement in the classroom. Devices and technologies such as iPads, Nooks and NEOs help to engage our students in learning. 

A variety of assistive technologies are utilized according to student needs, and specialized devices are found in our science labs (digital microscopes and the like) and in our Career and Technical Education area (graphic arts tools, 3-D printer). 

Access to Technology


In each school area there are computer labs and portable laptop labs for student use. Wireless Internet access is available in nearly all areas of our large campus. The school provides a wide variety of software and Internet resources such as Unitedstreaming, netTrekker/BrainPOP, SAFARI Montage, Accelerated Reader, STAR Reader, READ 180, Accelerated Math and STAR Math, to name just a few. Our faculty and staff have access to technology-related professional development and software/hardware support from our Information Systems Department, from their peers and through participation in conferences and workshops.


 Technology Specialist: Laura Kliebert