School and Spring Festival has been canceled today, April 18, due to the approaching weather.

Uniform Guideline

School Dress Code
All students are required to follow the dress code during school hours (from 7:00 am to 3:15 pm) as listed below. Exceptions will be determined by the administration, not by staff or students.
Bottoms (slacks, skirt, shorts, capris, jumpers, skort)
  • Solid-colored Khaki or Black (not jean material)
  • Not tight or baggy
  • No cargo pockets
  • Not shorter than 5” above top of knee cap
  • Matched
  • No more than 1” heel
  • Covers your toes and heels
  • Socks required
  • Required
  • Any color
  • Solid
  • Must have sleeves
  • Nothing offensive
  • No hoodies
  • Bracelets/watch
  • Earrings (up to 2 on earlobes, no more than 1”)
  • Rings (only one ring)
  • Necklace (cannot be visible)
  • Make-up (keep it simple)
  • Tattoos (must be covered)
Free-Dress (admin-selected days)
  • Jeans are permitted
  • No holes/rips in clothing
  • Clothing must have appropriate wording/pictures No sweatpants
  • No sandals or flip-flops

The Administration reserves the right to intervene whenever your garment or accessories interrupt the learning environment.