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Our New Website - Things to Know

Our new website works a bit differently - and better - than our old site. News items are added more easily and are archived, so that visitors can find information that has been moved from the main pages to the news archives.

We have had some questions from visitors so want to make sure everyone knows how wonderfully this new site works. Here are some hints as to how you should navigate and use the new SignPost:

  • The sections of the site appear in the navigation bar in the left margin. Each section contains at least a main introductory page, and perhaps some "sub" pages.
  • Click on the button itself to go to the main page of the section.
  • Hold your mouse over the button and the names of the pages within that section will appear; click on the page name to go to that page.
  • The site is structured to go one more "level" using the navigation bar, so if an arrow appears to the right of a page name, there are pages even "deeper" inside of the site. For example, you can go to About Us - History - Original School Building.
  • The Calendar is searchable, and can be viewed by day, week or month as well as by event category. It also has a "printer friendly" feature.

Please be sure to read the news items called "A New SignPost" for more information about the new LSD school website. For more information, you may send an e-mail to Debbie Anderson, our website manager, at