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What a Great Tech Day!

Tech Day 2007 - January 16th


            “Greatest Tech Day ever!” This is a quote from more than one of the evaluation forms filled out by teachers and other staff members after Tech Day. It truly was a lovely day, with just the right mix of brain food, soul food and food for the body! (There was some junk food, too!!)


            Our brains were nourished with technology sessions and information about Internet safety and high technology crimes. To start the day, Clay Rives from the State Attorney General's Office came to do a presentation for our entire staff. He told us scary, true stories of cyber bullies and cyber predators, and gave us tips for keeping our students and our children safe. He told us how best to protect ourselves from identity theft. More information on these topics can be found on the Attorney General’s website:, and at


            After Clay’s presentation, teachers and paraeducators went to technology inservice sessions which were designed to help them in the jobs that they do here at LSD. Many teachers learned about Oncourse, an online lesson plan tool to which we have subscribed. Oncourse is a solution that is being sought by many of Louisiana’s school systems because it helps teachers to comply with the many requirements set forth by the state with regard to lesson plans and implementation of the curriculum. Some teachers learned about computer maintenance, tips for taking digital photos, and helpful websites. Other teachers and paraeducators learned about remote access to e-mail and how to use Microsoft Word.


            The rest of the day was more relaxing. We had a wonderful lunch! Linda Thomas, our Administrator of Teaching and Learning, is married to a wonderful cook. Oliver Thomas prepared a delicious jambalaya lunch for all of us. Everyone enjoyed the great food and the opportunity to visit and talk with co-workers.


            After lunch, Instructional and ESS staff went to the Auditorium for our “Premiere Event.” We watched “The Ron Clark Story,” a movie about an inspiring, skilled and wonderful teacher. Ron Clark is a real person – more information about him can be found at this website:


            Halfway through the movie, we took a break and got popcorn, candy and Cokes. (The junk food part of our day!) We had a drawing for some wonderful door prizes. Marcia Kirk and Mike Braud won DVD/VCR decks for their classrooms, while Kelly Rendleman won a $50 purchase order to Office Depot for classroom supplies. To cap it off, we had a drawing at the end of the day for five SMARTBoards. The winning teachers will attend after-school training sessions to learn how to integrate the SMARTBoard with their instruction. Winners included Pam Meno, Katherine Moreno, Nick Imme, Julie Harrison and Linda Davis. We are extremely grateful to Commercial Properties Development and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation for the grant which allowed us to buy these awesome tools.


            We are also grateful to our in-house presenters for sharing their knowledge and skills with their co-workers. We thank BB Stirling, Joyce Pourciau, Melinda Partin, Janelle Teekel, Mike Braud, Beth Ann Johnson, Tiffany Portie, Mona Alkadi, Ryan Gollner, Laurie Grier and Debbie Anderson.  

            Next year, we will have a very tough act to follow when we plan our annual Tech Day. This was a really good one!