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Video Conferencing with Kentucky School for the Deaf

LSD will use some of its newly installed equipment in the coming weeks for video conferencing activities with the Kentucky School for the Deaf and other deaf schools throughout the country.

On Thursday, March 24 the High School ASL class will take part in the MegaDEAF Conference/Deaf Culture Day sponsored by the Kentucky School for the Deaf.  Using our state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment, LSD will join Kansas School for the Deaf, North Carolina School for the Deaf, Ohio School for the Deaf and Kentucky School for the Deaf as each school makes a 15 minute presentation on deaf culture.  LSD students, under the direction of Mr. Robby Porter, will feature biographies of Deaf leaders in Louisiana.

Then, on March 30, 5th grade students will participate with KSD 5th graders in a Monster Match activity.  Students from each school will have previously drawn a monster which they will describe (using ASL) via video conferencing.  The students who are "receiving" the ASL description of the monster will draw their interpretation of the monster.  Pictures will then be shared and compared. ASL teacher, Lisa Potter, and Art teacher, Reechia Colbert, are working with the students in preparation for this project.

Finally, on March 31, 6th grade students from both LSD and KSD will have a Coffee Cafe'.  Using the video conference format, students will share stories and poems with each other. ASL teacher Dorothy Rodriguez is helping the 6th graders with their ASL skills for their presentation.

These activites are a first step in what we hope to be ongoing video conferencing activities.  This is truly a wonderful way for our deaf students to interact with others without having to leave our campus!