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Our Amazing "Battle of the Books" Performance!

The following is an update on LSD's participation in the "Battle of the Books," sponsored by Gallaudet University. LSD Librarian Kelly Jumonville shares this good news.

Our LSD team has completed tjheir Battle of the Books competitions for this week, and our team was amazing!  Our team includes the following students:

  • Ari Latino
  • Chelsey Scott
  • Kate Scott
  • Jordan Howard
  • Nthabeleng McDonald 

We had three matches this week, and our students did very well in each of their matches.  Thirty schools and programs for deaf students from around the country are competing this week, and Gallaudet is keeping track of how many points each school gets in each of their matches.  Tomorrow, Gallaudet will announce which 8 schools were the top 8 point earners, and those schools will move on to the playoffs.  Our students demonstrated amazing teamwork and showed wonderful leadership skills throughout our matches this week, and I could not be more proud of them!

Congratulations to the students, and special thanks to their coaches Kelly Jumonville, BB Stirling and Jennifer Lash.