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Bravo! A Wonderful "Wizard of Oz"!

Our Drama Club's spring performance, "The Wizard of Oz" was indeed wonderful! The play was a beautiful collaboration showcasing the talents of our students and staff. It was also a shining example of what happens when people come together to provide our students with opportunities to grow and develop their creative arts skills.

There are so many people who worked hard to ensure the success of this production! We would like to recognize some of them:

Director: Lisa Cook 

THE CAST: (This is a partial list!)

  • Dorothy Gale - Paige Watson
  • Toto - Kyhrie Fontenot
  • Auntie Em - Malakia Gowan
  • Uncle Henry - Joanathan Ross
  • Hunk / Scarecrow - Kendell Charles
  • Hickory / Tin Man - Michael James
  • Zeke / Cowardly Lion - Nigel Burkhalter
  • Miss Gulch / Wicked Witch - Tammy Garner
  • Professor Marvel / Wizard of Oz - Sam Fogarty
  • Glinda the Good Witch - Nasya Mays

Music Managers: Laura Kliebert, Lee Ann Harbin

Choreographers: Tiffany Trascher, Lisa Cook

Production Assistants: Rush Seitz, Lee Ann Harbin, Amy Watson, Laurie Williams

Choir: Laura Kliebert, Susannah Boudreaux, Jeff Travasos, David Kahn, Michael Durham, Lee Ann Harbin

Interpreters: Susannah Boudreaux, Daniel Burch, Heather Covington, Brian Fisher, Lisa McKenna, Steve McPhail, Kelly Jumonville, Kattie Sheppard, Brandon Vice

Munchkin Coordinators: Linda Davis, Paula Dollar, Laura Kliebert, Susan LeFors, Roxanne Moore, Pam Taylor

Costuming/Assisting Seamstresses: BB Stirling, Jocelyn Stewart and her Career/Tech Ed classes

Thanks to all for a fantastic production!